Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Lesson Fifty-eight - Hopscotch Around the World- (Language Arts, Social Studies, Multicultural Studies)

Objective: Students will discover the role geography plays in the adaptation of games by designing a variation of Hopscotch in a given time and place.
History: Hopscotch began in ancient times during the Roman Empire. Roman soldiers used the original movements in hopscotch as exercises in military training. Roman children developed the idea of imitating the movements of these soldiers eventually adding squares and a number system. It is not known how hopscotch spread throughout the world, but today there exists over three hundred variations of this game played by children on every continent. The game is called “Marelles” in France, “Templehupfen” in Germany, “Hinkelbann” in the Netherlands, and “Rayuela” in Argentina.

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