Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

Evaluation: See attached rubric Lesson Fifty-five

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Evaluation: See attached rubric

Lesson Fifty-five- Rope-skipping Rhymes (Language Arts, Physical Education, Computers, *more)

Objective: Students will reinforce rhyming and sequencing skills by creating jump rope chants
Materials: Jump ropes, pencil and paper
Procedures: *More- activity may be used as an alternative assessment for any number of lessons (see examples)

  1. Students will find and examine the rope-skipping rhymes offered by American students at the Scott Libby School, Arizona in the Children’s Folk Games Project on the I*EARN Network.

  2. Students will next go outside and jump rope to some of the chants offered.

  3. Next children will write one original chant of their own. The chant must rhyme and represent evidence of knowledge gained from a unit such as the life cycle of plants, the process of evaporation or the parts of a book. Further, the jump itself must be choreographed to require the jumpers to change both actions and speed.

  4. Students go outside to skip to each other’s chants.

Evaluation: Observation, review of required factual information in the written portion of the assignment, anecdotal records, participation.

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