Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Lesson Forty-Eight:
Pie Kalah
History: mostly associated with Liberia

Objective: to be the team with the most correct guesses

Materials: small stone or ball

Procedure: split the group into two equal teams (appt. a leader for each team); one team’s leader puts the rock in a members’ hand; the team with the rock moves close together and chants together “Ah! pie ma yan ma kalah, Ah! sa ma kalah gbon whala, yan! hali yoah!, gay lay, gay la”; the elader of the other team calls out “to Kalah” (hand me the stone) and tries to guess who has it. If right, his/her team gets the stone, if not, the other team goes again.

Assessment: observation, anecdotal records, see/utilize rubric

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