Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Lesson Forty-Six:
History: from Africa, similar version in Simbabwe uses stones or pebbles.

Objective: to have the most marbles

Materials: metal bowl, marbles

Procedure: fill the bowl with 20 marbles; in a circle one player takes a marble and tosses it up; while in the air the player picks up as many marbles as they can.

Assessment: observation, anecdotal records, see/utilize rubric

Lesson Forty-Seven:
History: originated in the UK but has spread to other countries like Australia

Objective: score the most points

Materials: a court like basketball, to be like the original, there has to be no backboard

Procedure: 7 players per team; position played determines movement; the center can go in all areas except goal circles, the wing defense and wing attack are allowed in the center circle, goal attack and goal defense (striker and sweeper) are allowed in goal circles, goal shooters are only ones allowed to score, the goal keeper is the goalie; the ball can’t be held for more than 3 seconds.

Assessment: observation, anecdotal records, see/utilize rubric

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