Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Lesson Forty-Two

History: Originated in the Congo, which is now called Zaire.

Objective: in version 1, capture the scarves; in version 2, to be the first to the top and shout “Bokwele”

Materials: version 1: 2 hula-hoops, 4 scarves, boundaries; version 2: two ropes, hanging from a tree, beam, ceiling, etc.

Procedure: Version 1: like Capture the Flag, each team guards two scarves in hula-hoops. The game starts by calling out “Bokwele”. If a player is tagged with a scarf, they sit out the rest of the game. If they drop it, it is returned to the hula-hoop. A team wins if they get all the scarves first.

Version 2: both teams select a player to climb the team rope. The first player to the top after the start is given, and who says “Bokwele” wins. 3 false starts and the player are disqualified.

Assessment: observation, anecdotal records, see/utilize rubric

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