Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Lesson Plan 4: El Reloj
Historical/Cultural Perspective: El Reloj, “the clock,” is a jump-rope game from Argentina, the second largest country in South America. Argentina’s children have their summer vacation from the second week in December to the first week in March. El Reloj (el REL-lo) is a game that many players can join.
Objective: 4 – 10 students will play the game. SWBAT jump over the rope while reciting the hours on a clock in Spanish. SW play by rules.
Materials: 1 – long jump rope.
Procedure: TW introduce Spanish terms for time on the clock. SW repeats with proper pronunciation. Two players hold each end of the jump rope. The other players wait in line. The first player jumps over the rope once and says “one o’clock.” The second player jumps over the rope twice and says “two o’clock” and so on, until a player reaches twelve o’clock. This player must jump the rope twelve times without missing. Modifications: use other languages or mathematical concepts (multiplication tables, addition facts, etc.).
English Spanish Pronunciation

one o’clock es la uno ehs la OO-no

two o’clock son las dos sone lahs doce

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