Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Lession 36: Gangsing or Gasing
Historical/Cultural Perspectives: This is an Indonesian top made from bamboo with a small opening on the side. The small opening makes the top whistle as it spins. The size of the hole determines the pitch. String is wound around the dowel that goes through the center of the gangsing. Gangsings are commonly sold outside of temples and tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, and Central Java.
Objective: Have the children play the game and then have the class as a hole discuss and design their version of a gangsing.
Materials: A gangsing, and an outside area where a circle can be drawn with chalk.
Procedure: Show the children the gansing. Demonstrate to the class the proper way to use the gangsing. The child holds onto the flat bamboo handle that is tied to the end of the string, which pulls the handle to set the gansing spinning. After demonstrating the proper way to use the top, divide the class into groups of two and give each child an opportunity to try playing the game. Draw a 50cm in diameter on the ground. The object of the game is to knock the opponents gansing out of the circle.
Assessment: Participation in the game and a class discussion about the similarities and differences between gansing and the Western version of a top. Observation sheet based on level of participation on a 0-2 scale: 0-non-particpation 1-some participation 2- full participation in activity, and an anecdotal record based on behavior during activity.

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