Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Lesson Plan 24: Cultures
Objective:  Students will explore their own culture.
               Students will share their cultures.

Materials:  butcher paper outlined and cut-out into puzzle pieces (you may want to number the puzzles pieces so that you know what order they go in), markers, crayons, various art supplies, floor/table space, wall space, some type of adhesive.

Method of Lesson Presentation:

1.  Review culture.  What is culture?  Traditions?  Foods?  Songs?  Celebrations?  Clothing?  Etc.

2.  Give each student a puzzle piece and explain that we are all different, but together we complete a puzzle.

3.  Ask students to share their cultures by drawing and writing on the puzzle pieces.

4.  Tell students that they are to work together and put the puzzle pieces in order on the floor/table.

5.  Discuss what the puzzle means to the students once it is completed.

Assessment: Observation sheet based on level of participation on a 0-2 scale: 0-non-particpation 1-some participation 2- full participation in activity, and an anecdotal record based on behavior during activity

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