Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

Glue Ghost Necklace or Decoration

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Glue Ghost Necklace or Decoration
Objective: Make a scary ghost that you can wear as a necklace or decoration.


Procedure: Working on waxed paper, spread a blob of white glue in the shape of a ghost. Unfold a paper clip into a V-shape (to use as a hanger). Put the ends of the paper clip into the glue at the top of the ghost. For the ghost's eyes, use black paper circles cut with a hole punch, or use googly eyes. Put two (or more) eyes on the glue ghost.

Let the glue dry - it will take a few days. When it dries, the glue will become transparent. When it is completely dry, peel it gently off the waxed paper. String the ghost on some yarn for a scary necklace.

Assessment: Observation sheet based on level of participation on a 0-2 scale: 0-non-particpation 1-some participation 2- full participation in activity, and an anecdotal record based on behavior during activity.

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