Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

Materials: Chalk, tape measure, and 10 stones. Procedure

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Materials: Chalk, tape measure, and 10 stones.
Procedure: Draw a diagram that measures 7’6” x 4’8.” Draw 4 horizontal lines 18” apart within the grid. Draw 1 vertical line straight down the center of the grid (28” in from each side). Draw two more vertical lines 14” in from each side in the first, third and fifth row. Number the diagram as shown (numbers written sideways should actually be upside down – program limitations). Each of the ten players, five on each team, gets a stone.

Basic Rules: If a space is frozen, players must jump over it. If 2 or more adjacent spaces are frozen, players must jump over all of them. Once a player has retrieved his/her stone, that space becomes unfrozen and free for use by other players.

  1. Team One stands in front of spaces 1 and 2, while Team Two stands in front of spaces 9 and 10.

  2. One person from Team One drops his/her stone into space 1. This freezes the space, preventing anyone else from entering it until this player returns to take back the stone. Player one now hops through spaces 2-16 and back through to 2, while hopping on one foot only in the wide spaces. The player may put one foot in each space in adjacent spaces (for instance spaces 4 & 5). At spaces 7 & 8 and 15 & 16, the player has to spin around and continue hopping until reaching space 2. At space 2, the player retrieves the stone in space 1 and exits the diagram. If a player makes an error, they are out and their stone stays in place, with that space frozen, blocking anyone else from hopping on it.

  3. Now, it’s Team Two’s turn. Their first player drops his/her stone in space 9, freezing the space. The player begins hopping in space 10 and follows the diagram until returning to space 10, retrieving the stone in space 9, and exiting the diagram. D) Now the next player in Team One drops his/her stone in space 2, starts hopping in space 1 on up through 16 and back. Then a new player from Team Two goes, dropping a stone in space 10 and starting in space 9, continuing through the diagram until he/she exits. Team members continue alternating and playing until everyone has had a turn. The game ends when both teams have completed the diagram. Whichever team makes it through without making any mistakes wins. If both teams have made errors and have frozen spaces, the team with the least amount wins.

Assessment: Observation sheet based on level of participation on a 0-2 scale: 0-non-particpation 1-some participation 2- full participation in activity, and an anecdotal record based on behavior during activity.

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