Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Lesson Plan 10: Ishikeri
Historical/Cultural Perspective: Ishikeri (ee-she-KEH-dee) is a traditional hopscotch game that has been played in Japan for over 50 years. In Japanese, ishi means “stones” and keri means “to kick.” Hopping games, which include a diagram and a marker, are played throughout the world. Hopscotch is called Pele in Aruba, Hop-Round in Great Britain, Gat Fei Gei in People’s Republic of China, Klasa in Poland, and La Rayuela in Honduras. Hopscotch was played in ancient Rome. There is an extant hopscotch square etched in a floor of the Roman Forum. The Roman army may have used hopscotch diagrams as part of its training exercises. When Romans invaded Britain, British children learned to play the game from Roman soldiers by copying the diagrams in the dirt on roads being built by the Romans.
Objective: Two teams of five SWBAT complete the course without any errors. SW accurately measure and draw hopscotch diagram.

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