[Lesson on the history of Renaissance studies. Major document: medieval French tale of Amis and Amile.] Lo13

November Sa Legion of Honor Tour LO23

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17 November Sa Legion of Honor Tour LO23
20 November Tu Student Lecture

Burckhardt, pp. 323-351. Popular Belief [Major documents: Renaissance-era spells and curses.] LO3

22 November Th Thanksgiving Holiday
27 November Tu Student Lecture

Baldassare Castiglione, The Book of the Courtier, bk. 1. The

Perfect Courtier

[Major artifacts: images of 15th and 16th century courtiers] LO3
29 November Th Student Lecture

Castiglione, bk. 2. The Perfect Court Lady.

[Major artifacts: images of 15th and 16th century court ladies] LO3
04 December Tu Student Lecture

Castiglione, bk. 3. Laughter [Major artifact: Brueghel's art] LO3

06 December Th Student Lecture

Castiglone, bk 4. Love [Major document: excerpt from Plato,

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files -> Hist 163: Ethnic Identity and Conflict in China
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