[Lesson on the history of Renaissance studies. Major document: medieval French tale of Amis and Amile.] Lo13

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History of the Renaissance
Brother Charles

History 113

Reading Syllabus
28 August Tu Introduction [Lesson on the history of Renaissance studies. Major document: medieval French tale of Amis and Amile.] LO13
30 August Th A. Daniel Frankforter and William

M. Spellman, The West: A Narrative History, 3rd ed., pp. pp. 338-

356 [Lesson on the chronological and geographical boundaries of Renaissance history. Major document: Francesco Petrarch, The Ascent of Mt. Ventoux.] LO13
04 September Tu Peter Burke, The Renaissance [Lesson and discussion of the meaning of humanism. Major artifact: Pierre Bouvelles, "Steps of Humanity." LO13
06 September Th Peter Burke, The Renaissance [Lesson and discussion on Renaissance historiography; discussion of the legitimacy of using the term "Renaissance" as a meaningful mode of interpretation of other cultural places and periods. Major document: Natalie Zieman Davis, "Was There a Renaissance among the Seventeenth-Century Iroquois?"] LO13
11 September Tu Gene A. Brucker, Renaissance Florence, pp. 1-25 [Major artifacts: powerpoint presentation of transitional Florentine Renaissance art: Brunelleschi's Doors of Paradise; Masaccio's Trinity; Fra Angelico's Last Judgment; and Donatello's Mary Magdalen.] LO3
13 September Th Brucker, pp. 25-50 [Major artifacts: powerpoint presentation of Renaissance art on display from the permanent collection at San Francisco, Palace of the Legion of Honor. Assignment follows, in pairs of students, to analyze a work for its historical context; artist; patron; use of color and images; and meaning.] LO23
18 September Tu Extended work on Brucker's commentary of Florentine architectural history. [For each photo, the students will find the page reference where Brucker describes the place and explain what impression it made on Brucker’s understanding of Renaissance Florence. This will entail group work. Final question for discussion: "What did the buildings reveal to him about the city of Florence in the Renaissance?"] LO23
20 September Th The new Renaissance city of Europe. [Lecture with slides of new urban patterns in the Renaissance. Powerpoint presentation of the exportation of Florentine models of public and domestic space.] LO1
25 September Tu Brucker, chapter 2, pp. 51-88 Government [Major documents: Florentine municipal statutes; municipal statutes of San Bartolomeo del Gualdo Mazzocca. Lesson on the development and decline of the Florentine republic.] LO13
27 September Th Brucker, chapter 3, pp. 89-127 The Guilds [Major artifact: the guild statues of Orsanmichele.] LO3
02 October Tu Brucker, chapter 4, pp. 128-171 Labor [Major documents: excerpts of historical interpretations of the Ciompi Revolt, with discussion following.] LO1
04 October Th Brucker, chapter 5, pp. 172-212 The Church [Major artifact: recording of Guillaume Dufay, Nuper flores rosarum.] LO3
09 October Tu Brucker, chapter 6, pp. 213-255 Learning [Major documents: excerpts from Machiavelli and Guicciardini, with a discussion of Florentine humanism. LO13
11 October Th Brucker, chapter 7, pp. 256-280 Civic Humanism [Major document: excerpt from Hans Barron's interpretation of the Florentine crisis of 1406, with discussion of interpreting the beginning of the Renaissance in Florence.] LO1
16 October Tu Midterm Exams on Tuesday and Wednesday [Oral exams on student comprehension of the Renaissance history, historiography, and, in particular, the case study of Florence.] LO123
18 October Th Midterm Holiday
23 October Tu Student Lecture

Jacob Burckhardt, The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy,

pp. 1-53. The Decline of the Republics. [Major artifacts: The mouth of secret denunciations at the ducal palace in Venice; powerpoint presentation on the palace of Urbino, with a lesson on Duke Federigo Montefeltro] LO13
25 October Th Student Lecture. Recovery of the Sense of History.

Burckhardt, pp. 53-97. [Major artifacts: powerpoint of Renaissance monumental and funereal art and architecture] LO3

30 October Tu Student Lecture. The Birth of the Individual.

Burckhardt, pp. 98-119. [Major document: Reading from Richard Southern on medieval humanism, with a discussion about the uniqueness of Renaissance individuality.] LO1

01 November Th Student Lecture

Burckhardt, pp. 120-151. Renaissance Letters. [Major document: excerpt from Aretino.] LO3

06 November Tu Student Lecture

Burckhardt, pp. 151-198. Renaissance Letters [Major artifact: photo of sarcophagus of Carlo Marsuppini (Aretino); major document: excerpts from Shakespeare's sonnets] LO13

08 November Th Student Lecture

Burckhardt, pp. 198-248. Social Class in the Renaissance [Major document: excerpt from Leon Battista Alberti. Major artifact: recording of Heinrich Isaac, Palle, Palle.] LO3

13 November Tu Student Lecture

Burckhardt, pp. 248-289. Art and Religion [Major artifact: Titian, Sacred and Profane Love.] LO3

15 November Th Student Lecture

Burckhardt, pp. 289-323. Renaissance Morality [Major documents: excerpts from Machiavelli, Cicero, and Isaiah Berlin, with a discussion on interpreting Renaissance morality.] LO13

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