Lesson I power of the Church

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Daily Life

  1. Craftspeople/traders were heavily taxed and live din city

  2. Most people, except for gov. officials and merchants were poor

-Women had few rights

-More people were literate as Eastern Roman Empire had schools, read classics from Homer, Plato

-emperor was head of church and state where patriarch was bishop of Constantinople

-Byzantine Church had more discussions and conducted mass in Greek

-Churches were plainer than the west, but had many murals, tiles and icons-flat images of Jesus, etc.

-Icons were used in religious processions

-In 726, Emperor Leo III said icons were used too much, while Pope Gregory II said no

-The pope made Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor in 800 to protect himself against Leo III

-This angered Byzantines

-Eastern patriarch Cerularius closed churches that celebrated by western means

-Pope Leo IX of West excommunicated him

-This was a schism-split into Western Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church

-Built a strong empire

-Turks attacked in 10170 from Turkestan in Central Asia

-Seljuk beats Byzantines

-New capital of Nicaea in 1081

-1095; Byzantine emperor sent message to pope Urban II

-Ruler of the East had excommunicated Pope

-Now asking for help from the West to defend Constantinople against Turkish invaders

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