Lesson I power of the Church

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Chapter 11
Lesson I Power of the Church

-Between 800 and 1300, almost all people of Europe were Christian

-Led by the Pope in Rome

-Clergy were members of the church

  1. Priest ran local church

  2. Bishop led diocese, many churches together

  3. Archbishops ran provinces or archdiocese

  4. Cardinals were 2nd in command top pope, counseled, elected new popes

  5. Pope ran the whole church

-Christians could save themselves, gain salvation through donations

-By 1050, church was largest landowner in Europe

-Clergy were the only people in society who were literate

-One example was Abbot Suger-worked with Louis VI of France

-He allowed Louis to carry banner of monetary into battle against Henry of Germany

-He ran France while the king was on crusade in 1147-1149

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