Lesson 1 Video “The History of Communication”

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Grammar Focus (Reported Speech)
Ex. 11 Change to Reported Speech.

1. Sarah said, “I am watching my favourite soap on TV.”

2. TV narrator said, “We are going to start a new programme next week.

3. Paul admitted, “I haven`t seen this game show.”

4. The teacher said to Sam, “You should work harder!

5. The scientist said, “Atoms are the smallest elements.”

6. Sam promised, “I`ll send an email to confirm the date.”

7. John said, “I can’t do without a mobile phone.”

8. Dad said, “All the programmes are harmless fun.

9. He said, “I didn’t understand the meaning of the film.”

10. Ann confessed, “I don`t like to watch sitcoms.”

a) 1. I asked him, “What are you doing here?

2. Ann asked her Mom, “When will you take me to the cinema?

3. Father asked, “When does the sports coverage start?

4. I asked Bob, “Why didn’t you answer my letter?

5. The teacher asked, “Who hasn’t done the home assignment?

b) 1. She was interested to know, ”Is this new movie really worth watching?” 

2. Bobby wanted to know, “Do you have a blog or read other blogs?”

3. Jerry asked me, “Did you see that documentary about political corruption last night?

4. I asked Nick, “Can you get two tickets for this sensational film?”

5. Jane wondered, “Is it an aerial?”

Commands and Requests:

1. Dad said to his son, “Turn the TV off!

2. Mom said to her daughter, “Don’t watch this mindless rubbish!”

3. The manager said, “Please switch off your mobiles when the concert starts!”

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