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Ex. 8 Answer the questions

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Ex. 8 Answer the questions.

1. Why does television play an important role in people`s lives?

2. What kind of programmes do TV channels offer?

3. What opportunities does television give you?

4. How do a lot of people usually relax?

5. What do you need to produce television?

6. When did satellite television emerge?

7. How (in which way) has TV broadcasting been revolutionized in recent years?

8. What type of television sets provides a better quality of picture and sound?
Ex. 9 Describe how TV signals are transmitted. Use the following words to help you.

is carried by, is broadcast, electromagnetic wave,  at the speed, not over very long distances, up to about a hundred km, certain frequencies, transmit, not  interfere with,  relay towers,   to the next transmitter, digital signals, analog broadcasting, advantages, picture quality, high definition (HD), an aerial or satellite dish, to create a picture.

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