Lesson 1 Video “The History of Communication”

Ex. 6 Read the text again and find the following

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Ex. 6 Read the text again and find the following:

1. amusement; things like performances, radio and television programmes  that amuse or interest people

2. funny TV series in which the same characters appear  in different situations each week

3. a programme that has the same characters or deals with the same topic every week or every day

4. what a person thinks

5. to save sound and videos on a tape or disc to watch at a later time

6. different

7. to make stronger

8. a long thin bar used for receiving and sending signals

9. to send a television signal

10. the number of waves that pass any point in one second

11. a satellite that is in a fixed position above the earth and rotates together with it

12. a structure that receives a signal and sends it to another tower

13. a person who watches television

14. a thin, round piece of metal that can carry signals

15. a very small particle with a negative charge that moves around the centre of an atom

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