Lesson 1 Video “The History of Communication”

Attaching documents (e-mails)

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Attaching documents (e-mails)

I attach (two files…)

Enclosing documents (letters)

I enclose (a copy of…)


Following (our phone conversation today…)

I reply to (your fax received…)

I’m pleased (to confirm…)

Thanks for (your e-mail…)

Saying why you’re writing:

I’m writing (to enquire about…)

This letter is (to thank you…)

This fax is (to give details on…)

This e-mail is (to get in touch…)


Could you please (reserve…)

Would you please (tell me…)

Please fax/e-mail me (your mobile phone no.)


I apologize for (the delay…)

I’m sorry about (the mistake…)

Sorry (I didn’t get back to you earlier…)


See you (in Prague).

I look forward (welcoming you…)

Hoping (to see you soon).

Let me know (if you need anything else).

Please contact me again (if you need any more information).

Giving bad news:

Unfortunately (I will not be able to…)

I’m sorry (to inform you…)

Ex. 4 David Jameson wrote an email to Denis Markov about a meeting next week. The points from the message have been mixed up. Look at the recommended sequence of points below. Then order the message.

Recommended sequence of points

1. Friendly greeting

2. Thanks or reference to previous contact

3. Most important point/problem

4. Important request

5. Less important points

6. Reference to future contact

7. Ending
Subject: Meeting 16 th March

Attachments: none

I'm afraid I may not be able to make the 8:00 start. The train connections can be very difficult at that time of day.

Would it be possible to start at 9:00? It means we would finish at 17:00 instead of 16:00. Please let me know if that's a problem for you.

Hello, Denis

Best regards, David

You asked me to send the scenario and I am attaching it here. Please note that this is not yet in final draft and there may be some mistakes.

Thanks for sending the agenda for our meeting.

I'm looking forward very much to seeing you next week.

Ex. 5 2 You are Denis Markov. Write a reply to David Jameson. Say that you can start at 9:00 but you will have to finish at 16:00 because you have to take part in University sports competition after that. Suggest that you take a shorter lunch break so you can finish earlier. Don`t forget to thank David for the report.

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