Lesson 1 Video “The History of Communication”

Ex. 7 Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions

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Ex. 7 Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions:
1. Is 27 hours a week too much?

2. Is it better to access the Internet via a computer or tablet?

3. Do you prefer watching TV shows on a tablet or TV?

4. What do you think of surfing online on a TV?

5. What do you think of accessing the Internet on a smart watch?

6. What would life be like without the Internet?

7. What more will we be able to do online in the future?
Ex. 8 Now your turn to make questions using these prompts. Practise asking and answering the questions.
Example: When/first/use the Internet When did you first use the Internet?
1. What type of internet connection/have at home?

2. How fast/your Internet connection?

3. How much/pay for broadcast access?

4. How often/access the Internet?

5. Do/use your mobile phone to access the Internet?

6. Do/use the Internet in public spaces using Wi/Fi?

7. Do/play games online?

8. How many newsgroups/subscribe to?

Ex. 9 Imagine your partner is new to using the Internet. Explain to him how to reach a website. The following words/word combinations might be helpful.

To connect to the Internet, computer, modem, Internet service provider, access, wireless, things you can do, email, instant messaging, real-time chats, look for information.

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