Lesson 1 Video “The History of Communication”

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Ex. 5 Match the synonyms.

1. survey a. frequently

2. reveals b. for sure

3. trebled c. greatly

4. regularly d. shows

5. considerably e. multitude

6. expert f. study

7. myriad g. provides

8. inevitably h. specialist

9. instead of i. increased three-fold

10. offers j. rather than
Ex. 6 Do the Multiple Choice-Quiz.


Where did the survey take place?


What opens up a myriad of possibilities?


a) the USA
b) at a university
c) Britain
d) online


a) money
b) new technologies
c) friends
d) the new Apple Watch


Who was interviewed?


What are people doing at the same time as messaging?


a) 16-24-year-olds
b) 18-28-year-olds
c) 18-30-year-olds
d) 16-30-year-olds


a) texting
b) eating
c) working
d) chatting


Where is most online content being accessed?


What kind of consumption is going to be affected?


a) on computers
b) London
c) India
d) on iPads


a) gas
b) food
c) TV viewing
d) online


What fraction of adults regularly use a mobile device?


What size of TV is mentioned towards the end of the article?


a) 3/4
b) 2/3
c) 7/8
d) 1/2


a) 14-inch
b) 60-inch
c) 32-inch
d) 40-inch


What are many people checking today?


What did someone say TV will never become?


a) their e-mail
b) prices
c) their bank accounts
d) social media accounts


a) unimportant
b) a tablet
c) paper-based
d) ubiquitous

Audio script: Young Brits on Internet 27 hours a week. (16th May, 2015)

A new survey in Britain reveals that young people spend over 27 hours a week online. This figure has trebled in the past decade.

Britain's communications watchdog Ofcom conducted the study on thousands of 16- to 24-year-olds as part of its Media Use and Attitudes 2015 report. Ofcom found that while most online content is still being accessed on computers, the proportion of access via mobile devices is rapidly catching up. Two thirds of adults now regularly use a smartphone or tablet. Online content has also changed considerably in the past ten years. Today, people are spending a lot more time on watching video clips, playing games, using instant messaging and checking social media accounts.

An industry expert, Toby Syfret, explained why more people are spending more time online. He said: "New technologies are opening up a myriad of other possibilities for young people. It's not just watching content. They're messaging friends and texting at the same time. Inevitably, as the younger generation gets older and they set up their own home, TV viewing consumption will be affected." Over a quarter of young people now watch TV shows and movies online instead of on televisions. Mr Syfret added: "A 40-inch television screen offers quality you can't get from a tablet or smartphone, so televisions are never going to become unimportant."

По материалам http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/1505/150516-internet-use.html)

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