Lesson 1 Video “The History of Communication”

Reading/Listening and Vocabulary

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Reading/Listening and Vocabulary
Ex. 2 Work in pairs. Read a dialogue between a customer buying a PC and a sales assistant. Why do you think the sales assistant has to explain so much about the Internet?
Assistant: .. .so that's £549 including VAT. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Customer: Well, would you mind explaining how I access the Internet with this computer? I don't think I really even understand what the Internet is! Wait a minute, I'm going to write this down.

Assistant: Of course. Well, basically, the Internet is a global network of computer networks, which allows users to share all kinds of information and computer resources. The system is made up of networks interconnected all over the world, from universities and large corporations to commercial online systems and non-profit organizations...

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