Lesson 1 Video “The History of Communication”

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Lesson 2 Орловская И.В.:
1) Grammar: Ex. 2, p. 63; Ex.3, p.63-64; (Ex. 24, p.72-optional); Ex.14-15, p.69-70

2) Reading/Listening and Vocabulary: Text 4A; Ex.11-13, p.69; (Ex.27, p.73-optional)

3) Speaking: Ex.1, p. 73; Ex. 2, p. 73-74; Ex.4, p. 75

Lesson 3. Objectives –introduce the topic of Mobile phones, telephoning, lexis on the topic, develop reading and listening skills, encourage students speaking on the topic, revising/learning grammar material “Reported Speech” (continuation)+ Phrasal Verbs.
Topical Questions
Ex. 1 Work with a partner to discuss the following:

a) What is your preferred way to communicate with friends: email, telephone, social networks or text messaging?

b) How much time do you spend talking on the phone, texting or sending email?

c) What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones compared to land-lines?

d) What problems can you have when using a mobile phone?

e) What other things can mobile phones be used for apart from just talking to another person?

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