Lesson 1 Video “The History of Communication”

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Student B


  1. “A famous American actor came to Moscow last week.”

  2. “Does the BBC World Service broadcast throughout the world?.”

  3.  “I`ll advertise a new shampoo on TV.”

  4. “When do you switch your mobile phone off?”

  5. “E-mails are usually more informal than letters.”

  6. “I have never seen such a controversial programme.”

  7. “Please, stay with us tonight!”

  8. “A plasma television is made up of two sheets of glass.”

Now swap the roles.

Student B

  1. Linda said that her brother liked to watch crime mysteries.

  2. Lena said that she hadn`t seen that game show.

  3. He told me that he was chatting on the phone.

  4. The teacher asked me which method of communication I used regularly.

  5. She said she would get herself a mobile phone the following week.

  6. They were instructed not to use stereo equipment.

  7. Students wanted to know when satellite television had emerged.

  8. He asked me whether he should phone her.

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