Lesson 1 Video “The History of Communication”

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Module 4


Lessons 1-2. Objectives – to introduce the topic of TV, lexis on the topic, develop listening, reading and understanding skills, encourage students speaking on the topic, revising/learning grammar material “Reported Speech” (this activity is for the entire Module)

Lesson 1
Video “The History of Communication”

Before you watch
Learn the following words and expressions:

a milestone – краеугольный камень, веха

to enable – давать возможность

an advent – появление

you name it – всё, что угодно

it goes without saying – само собой разумеется

to keep a grip on smth.(the whole world) – крепко держаться за что-либо

ultimately = in the long run – в конечном итоге

in the meantime – между тем, тем временем

predominant – доминирующий

to convey – передавать

to come with the reach of man –стать досягаемым для человека

After you watch
Answer the following questions:

1. How did people contact one another in ancient times?

2. Why was the discovery of electricity an important milestone in the history of communication?

3. What inventions were introduced after the discovery of electricity? What were/are their values?

4. What medium is considered to be a predominant one nowadays? Why?

5. How do people convey images, feelings and knowledge?

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