Les Enfants Terribles Academic Quiz Bowl Tournament Packet #3 by Iowa State University 18-19 April 1997 Toss-Ups

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Les Enfants Terribles

Academic Quiz Bowl Tournament

Packet #3 by Iowa State University

18-19 April 1997
1. It consists of a city at the mouth of the Pearl river and three small islands. It produces primarily textiles and fireworks, but is most important as a source of foreign currency to its only neighbor. Its government is appointed by Portugal, but in practice China dominates its political life. FTP, name this territory on the southern coast of China, 40 miles from Hong Kong.
Answer: Macao (Macau)
2. In his Against Jovinian, he defended chastity and monastic life. In his Famous Men, he discussed the writings of 135 Christian authors. His feast day is September 30 and he is renowned in legend for removing a thorn from the paw of a lion. FTP, name this saint whose Latin Vulgate edition was the official translation of the Bible for centuries.
Answer: Saint Jerome
3. It is a specific type of program music, a one-movement orchestral composition unified within itself. Unlike “absolute” music, it attempts to tell a story or to set a scene. Franz Liszt is considered its inventor and wrote thirteen of them, the most famous of which are Les prŽludes, Tasso, and Mazeppa. For ten points, name this musical form which was perfected by Richard Strauss near the end of the 19th century.
Answer: tone poem (symphonic poem)
4. Class K is in the lower right; Class O is at the upper left. There is a horizontal line at the top made up of giants and supergiants. The diagonal connecting K to O is called the Main Sequence. For ten points, provide the hyphenated name for this graph relating the size of a star to its spectral luminosity, named for the Danish and British astronomers who developed it.
Answer: Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

Prompt: H-R diagram

5. The cerebral cortex and spinal column begin degenerating in middle

age and progress rapidly, inducing muscular weakness, tendon reflex, and

spasm. This is followed by atrophy of the hands, forearms, and legs.

There is no known cure. FTP, name this disease of sufficient power to

fell the mighty “Iron Horse” of baseball.
Answer: amytrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Accept: Lou Gehrig’s disease

6. The basic idea is the creation of eyes with your stones and the prevention of your opponent from doing the same by placing his stones in atari, eliminating their freedoms, and eventually capturing or surrounding them. The advanced ideas wouldn’t even fit into an ACF-length question. FTP, what is this intense game which, until 1600, formed a compulsory course at the Japanese military academy?
Answer: Go
7. When the current in an LRC circuit neither leads nor lags the driving voltage, then the impedance is simply equal to the resistance and power dissipation is at its greatest. This occurs for one single frequency, also the frequency at which a capacitor and inductor would oscillate if connected on their own. FTP, what term from physics denotes this phenomenon?
Answer: resonance (resonant frequency)
8. Among its minor characters are the Bishop of D_____ who claims the candlesticks were a gift, and Enjolras, the leader of the students at the barricades. It includes digressions on thieves’ argot, life in a nunnery, the sewers of Paris, and the Battle of Waterloo. FTP, name this romantic novel about the mayor, thief, and convict Jean Valjean.
Answer: Les MisŽrables
9. After hearing The Last Words of Dutch Schultz, you pick up The Adding Machine, which turns out to be The Soft Machine. You call the Exterminator!, one of The Wild Boys, and hop on the Nova Express using The Ticket That Exploded. FTP, identify this author you might meet over a Naked Lunch.
Answer: William S. Burroughs
10. The Clausius Theorem states that for any cyclic process, the line integral of the heat exchanged with the environment divided by the temperature is less than or equal to zero. The difference is zero only if the process is reversible. FTP, what physical quantity, roughly analogous to the “disorder” of the system is constrained to never decrease by this theorem?
Answer: entropy

Accept: Second Law of Thermodynamics until “quantity”

11. He predicted the collapse of the Versailles settlement because of its harsh reparations structure in The Economic Consequences of the Peace. He followed his attack on 1920’s English policy in The End of Laissez Faire with a work that laid the groundwork for viewing government spending as the key to maintaining stable economic growth. FTP, name this economist and author of The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money.
Answer: John Maynard Keynes
12. Two mathematical instruments show that it is 10:30 in the morning of April 11, the time that this portrait was supposed to have been finished. Various symbols of death abound: a string on the lute is broken, a crucifix is in the extreme upper left, Jean de Dinteville wears a badge decorated with a skull and, in the very front, there is a skull that can only be seen by looking from the extreme right. FTP, identify this painting which show two young aristocratic diplomats, crafted by Hans Holbein the Younger.
Answer: The Ambassadors
13. The first was founded in 1864 and met primarily in Geneva from 1866-1872. The second met in 1889 and was been interrupted by both world wars. The Third, also called the Comintern, was officially abolished in 1943, and there was an abortive effort by Trotsky to start a fourth in the 1930’s. FTP, give the shared name of these worldwide socialist organizations named for their cross-border appeal.
Answer: International
14. It began with a transfer of the U.S. Navy’s oil reserves from the Secretary of the Navy to the Secretary of the Interior, who then siphoned oil to the Mammoth Oil and Pan-American Petroleum and Transportation Companies, among others; it ended when Senator Thomas Walsh exposed Secretary Albert Fall’s dirty deeds. For ten points, name this scandal of the Harding Administration, so-called for the town in Wyoming that ultimately proved not to be the government’s cup of tea.
Answer: Teapot Dome scandal
15. The book begins with the opening of a meeting over which Joseph Smiggers presides, and its attendees include Tracy Tupman, Augustus Snodgrass, and Nathaniel Winkle. From such humble but verbose origins comes a novel of highwaymen, duels, lawsuits, jails, and the byways and alleys of old England. For ten points, name this satire of human relations, in which Charles Dickens details the misadventures of Sam Weller and his employer, the man whose papers form the central interest of the story.
Answer: The Pickwick Papers
16. He was governor of the Canary Islands in 1936 when a left-wing government was returned to power. He led troops from Morocco into Spain and established a Nationalist government in Burgos. Three years of civil war later, he became dictator and, with the help of the Falange party, ruled Spain. FTP, who is this dictator who reconstituted the Spanish throne upon his 1975 death?
Answer: Francisco Franco y Bahamonde (1892-1975)
17. They were introduced in the 1822 Analytic Theory of Heat to solve initial value problems arising in partial differential equations. Because trigonometric functions of different periods are orthonormal, they can be used to represent arbitrary functions in tractable forms. FTP, what are these series of sines and cosines named for their discoverer?
Answer: Fourier series
18. Its name means “consolidation” or “unity”, and it was formed in 1973 when the Gahal bloc, consisting of the Herut and Liberal parties merged with the smaller La’am bloc, consisting of the Free Center, State List, and Land-of-Israel parties. FTP, name this Israeli political bloc which has made prime ministers of Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, and B.B. Netanyahu.
Answer: Likud
19. He told his cousin-in-law about a kiss he’d seen between Ruth Varnum and Ned Hale, but that was as close as he would come to making advances. Nevertheless, his love is returned by his cousin-in-law, but is thwarted by his shrewish hypochondriac wife Zenobia. A failed attempt at suicide by sled leaves Mattie crippled and this New England farmer forever with a limp. FTP, name this tragic title character of Edith Wharton.
Answer: Ethan Frome
20. He was killed when he reproved a student harshly and was struck down with his own lyre, but the name of this mythological music instructor lives on as Peter’s successor in the apostolic chair, the given name of a specialist in molecular bonding and the dangers of nuclear war, and a scripture-quoting, blanket-toting Peanuts character. FTP, give the shared name.
Answer: Linus

Accept: Linus Pauling

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isulet97 -> Les Enfants Terribles Academic Quiz Bowl Tournament Packet #2 by Iowa State University 18-19 April 1997 Toss-Ups

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