Les Enfants Terribles Academic Quiz Bowl Tournament Packet #2 by Iowa State University 18-19 April 1997 Toss-Ups

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Les Enfants Terribles

Academic Quiz Bowl Tournament

Packet #2 by Iowa State University

18-19 April 1997
1. This country signed the bilingual Treaty of Ucciali without realizing that the Italian text differed from the Amharic text and gave the Italians a legal protectorate over itself. Luckily, its king Menelik II rallied an army and defeated the Italians at Aduwa in 1896. FTP, which country is this which ended this brief Italian war with the Treaty of Addis-Ababa?
Answer: Ethiopia (Abyssinia)
2. He was inspired by Michael Maestlin to ask questions like “Why are the planets spaced as they are?” and “Why are there six planets?” His answer was that the six planetary spheres were separated by the five regular polyhedra. He published his answer in Mysterium Cosmographicum, a work which brought him to the attention of Tycho Brahe. FTP, who is this German astronomer known for three laws of planetary motion?
Answer: Johannes Kepler (Keplerus) (1571-1630)
3. In defiance of the Pauli Exclusion Principle, it was apparent three otherwise identical fermions could exist in the same state in some hadrons. What was needed was a new quantum number which had three possible values, thereby allowing the spatial overlap. FTP, what name was given to this property of quarks which eventually led to the naming of its study as quantum chromodynamics?
Answer: color
4. It is used in the production of formaldehyde and antifreeze so it is not surprising that ingestion is potentially fatal and prolonged exposure can cause blindness. It can be synthesized by combining hydrogen and carbon monoxide, though at one time it was commonly obtained from wood. FTP, name this simplest alcohol of chemical formula CH3OH.
Answer: methanol, methyl alcohol

Prompt: wood alcohol, CH3OH

5. He contends with the desperate letters of noseless girls and abused housewives and grapples with his own affair with the wife of a cripple who checks meters. He is supervised by Shrike, the cynical city editor. FTP, name this man who writes his advice column under a female name, a creation of Nathanael West.
Answer: Miss Lonelyhearts
6. Two trombones and trumpets were added to the orchestra for the last movements; the shrill piccolo colors the storm of the fourth. In the coda of the Andante, the flute, oboe, and clarinet imitate the calls of the nightingale, quail, and cuckoo. The third resembles an Austrian folk song. FTP, name this Beethoven symphony with movement titles like “Shepherd’s song: Happy and Thankful feelings after the storm.”
Answer: Ludwig van Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony (Pastoral” Symphony)
7. Even without a jury decision on whether or not the 12-year old should be electrocuted or imprisoned, public opinion was outraged. In two separate cases “Norris v. Alabama” and “Powell v. Alabama,” the Supreme Court struck down the eight death penalties because insufficient defense counsel had been provided and blacks had been excluded from the jury. FTP, name these nine men accused of raping two white women in 1931.
Answer: Scottsboro Boys (Scottsboro Nine)
8. Kate Croy is engaged to Merton Densher whom she convinces to woo wealthy-but-ill Milly Theale in The Wings of the Dove. Lambert Strether is sent to Paris to bring back Chad Newsome in The Ambassadors. Isabel Archer goes to Europe to learn about the arts in The Portrait of a Lady. FTP identify the author of these novels whose other works include Daisy Miller and The Turn of the Screw.
Answer: Henry James

Accept: The Wings of the Dove until “Wings”

9. In October 1917, as World War I lurched into its final paroxysms, the first issue of a little avant-garde magazine quietly made its appearance in Holland. Its publisher had originally intended to call it The Straight Line, but Theo van Doesburg settled on another name. For ten points, identify this magazine which glorified the straight line and the right angle, and which named the art movement of Piet Mondrian..
Answer: De Stijl (The Style)

Wrong: Neoplasticism

10. He championed the Logos doctrine that distinguished the persons of the Trinity and attacked Pope Zephyrinus as a modalist. Outraged when Pope Calixtus extended absolution to adulterers, he broke with Rome and was elected Pope by a group of dissidents. This didn’t sit well with the Roman cardinals who created a new title for him. FTP, name this saint, the world’s first antipope.
Answer: Saint Hippolytus of Rome
11. “And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you perceive him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.” FTP, what famous list of desired things ends thus?
Answer: Desiderata
12.. Thousands of reindeer were slaughtered across Scandinavia. Sheep farmers in North Wales were forced to kill significant fractions of their herds. A quarter of the Belorussian land was made unfit for agriculture. All this, and unknown affects on future people, were the result of a steam turbine test that went out of control in 1986. FTP, where was this turbine, now buried in a ponderous concrete shell?
Answer: Chernobyl
13. It’s the collection of all real numbers with ternary expansions containing no 1’s and is commonly referred to as “the universal counterexample of analysis” because it is an uncountable set of measure zero. FTP, what name is given to this fractal formed by successively deleting the middle thirds of all present line segments?
Answer: Cantor set (Cantor dust)
14. “Concerning liberality and parsimony,” “How to avoid contempt and hatred,” “Why Alexander’s successors were able to keep possession of Darius’ kingdom after Alexander’s death,” “Mixed principalities,” “Concerning cruelty: Whether it is better to be loved than feared, or the reverse,” and “In what way princes should keep their word,” are chapters from, FTP, what 1513 Niccolò Machiavelli work?
Answer: The Prince
15. Freedom for subject peoples in Turkey, recognition of nationalist aspirations in Eastern and Central Europe, freedom of the seas, evacuation by Germany of Russian territory, reduction of armaments, return to France of Alsace-Lorraine, independence for Poland, adjustment of colonial claims, and establishment of a league of nations were, FTP, parts of what peace program advanced by Woodrow Wilson in 1918?
Answer: Fourteen Points
16. It is a great planet with two suns and two moons, dominated by the desert Jundland filled with Banthas and sandpeople. The small population uses moisture vaporators to coax water from the air, but the farm boys dream of joining the Academy--or even the Alliance--from the bustling spaceport of Mos Eisely. FTP, what is this desert planet, home of Aunt Beru, Uncle Owen, and young Luke Skywalker?
Answer: Tatooine
17. It splits into east and west branches around Grand Island near Tonawanda, but its much smaller split around Goat Island is far more famous. It connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, but can’t be used for shipping for obvious reasons. FTP, what is this river with a mouth near Buffalo, famous for its tourist-trap falls and towns of the same name?
Answer: Niagara River
18. This country’s architecture, for safety reasons, is dominated by pentagonal structures. Rains come from the north, also an area where gravity is demonstrably weaker. Its military consists of isosceles triangles while its government is composed of polygons with so many sides that they are accorded the title of “circle.” FTP, what is this two-dimensional country first described by Edwin Abbott?
Answer: Flatland
19. He was mainly known for work on the formation of coral reefs and the ecology of barnacles, before he was persuaded to publish his magnum opus, a work inspired by Lyell’s uniformitarianism, Malthus’ mathematical biology, and his own observations as ship’s naturalist on the Beagle. FTP, who is this English scientist, commonly named as the father of modern evolutionary biology?
Answer: Charles Robert Darwin
20. Three Frenchmen on the beach in Algiers saw two natives whom Raymond recognized. They fought inconclusively with fists and knives. Later on, they met the same men; the protagonist shot and killed one of the Arabs. This was the climactic action in a 1942 existentialist work featuring the unfeeling Monsieur Meursault. FTP, name this Albert Camus work.
Answer: L’Étranger (The Stranger or The Outsider)

Wrong: Der Fremde

Les Enfants Terribles

Academic Quiz Bowl Tournament

Packet #2 by Iowa State University

18-19 April 1997
1. Identify each of the following poems from an excerpt for ten points apiece.

a. “What the hammer? what the chain? / In what furnace was thy brain?”

Answer: The Tyger

b. “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, / Old Time is still a-flying:”

Answer: To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time

c. “The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, / The lowing herd wind slowly o’er the lea,”

Answer: Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
2. Answer the following questions about the election of the U.S. Executive for ten points apiece.

a. If an election goes to the House to be decided, how many votes are necessary for a majority decision, assuming full representation?

Answer: 26

b. If no Vice Presidential candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes, how many candidates are submitted to the Senate?

Answer: 2

c. Which amendment to the Constitution specified different electoral ballots for President and Vice President?

Answer: 12
3. Given a description of the electron density in a crystal, classify the crystal as a molecular, ionic, metallic, or covalent one for ten points apiece.

a. The electron density is high at every lattice point.

Answer: molecular

b. The electron density is high in between lattice points.

Answer: covalent

c. The electron density is high on every other lattice point.

Answer: ionic
4. The moderator will play three excerpts from opera. Identify the works for ten points apiece.
Answer: 1. La Traviata,

2. Carmen,

3. Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro)
5. You are in a 1,000 kilogram spaceship traveling at 0.6 times the speed of light relative to an observer. Answer the following questions about relativistic effects for fifteen points apiece.

a. How much mass does the observer measure your spaceship to have?

Answer: 1,250 kilograms

b. What does the observer measure your velocity to be?

Answer: 0.6 times the speed of light (0.6 c)
6. Identify the following deceased world leader; 30-20-10.

30. To disprove rumors that he had faked his 1825 death and became a hermit, his coffin was ordered opened in 1865. It was empty.

20. His beliefs in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the right of monarchs were pitted against each other in the Greek War of Independence. He sided with authority, earning the hatred of his subjects.

10. At the Council of Vienna, he established almost precisely the Russian western frontier that was to last 100 years.

Answer: Czar Alexander I Romanov
7. Identify the following characters from the Aeneid for ten points apiece.

a. Aeneus is forced to make the trip to fulfill the destiny of his son who is to found Alba Longa and, indirectly, the Roman race. Name him.

Answer: Ascanius

b. Name Aeneus’ mother, a woman attracted to his father solely for his looks.

Answer: Venus

Wrong: Aphrodite

c. In order to settle in Italy, Aeneus and his men must overcome an Etruscan king on the fields of battle. Name this king whom Aeneus slays in combat in the closing lines of the epic.

Answer: Turnus

8. The moderator will hand you reproductions of three examples of Greek sculpture. For ten points apiece, identify the three works.
Answer: A. Mausolaus

B. Doryphorus (The Spearbearer)

C. The Dying Gaul
9. Identify the following terms or people from the history of the theater for ten points apiece.

a. This is the name given to non-serious, highly-stereotyped European plays featuring only stock characters like Colombine, Scaramouche, and Pantalone.

Answer: commedia dell’arte

b. This style of theater was introduced with Jarry’s Ubu Roi (1896) and may be best exemplified in the works of Eugene Ionesco like The Bald Soprano.

Answer: theater of the absurd

c. This Russian actor and co-founder of the Moscow Art Theater created “The Method”--a sophisticated and popular way of training performers.

Answer: Konstantin Sergeievich Alekseiev (Stanislavski)
10. Identify the following parts of the brain stem for ten points apiece.

a. The bottom part of the stem, this structure controls breathing,

heartbeat, and other vital, but unconscious, bodily processes.

Answer: medulla oblongata

b. It is the bridge which connects the hemispheres of the cerebellum and

links the cerebellum and cerebrum.

Answer: pons

c. The upper end of the brain stem consists of two glands which regulate

body temperature, hunger, thirst, and other internal conditions. Name


Answer: thalamus or hypothalamus
11. Israel is still reeling from an investigative committee’s report that its Prime Minister be indicted on charges of fraud and breach of trust because of an appointment he made in January; answer the following questions concerning this incident for ten points apiece.

a. Name Israel’s Prime Minister.

Answer: Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

b. To what position did he appoint Roni Bar-On in January, allegedly fradulently?

Answer: attorney general

c. Who is the current attorney general of Israel who faces the decision of whether or not to press forward with the prosecution?

Answer: Elyakim Rubinstein

12. Given each school that qualified for the NCAA tournament in 1997, identify the school that eliminated it for ten points apiece.

a. Kansas

Answer: Arizona


Answer: Minnesota

c. Miami of Ohio

Answer: Clemson

13. Answer the following questions about the asteroid belt for ten points apiece.

a. This asteroid was the first to be discovered; von Zach used calculations by Gauss to locate its trajectory.

Answer: Ceres

b. Ceres was assumed to be the “missing” fifth planet predicted by this 18th century empirical relation until the discovery of other asteroids in 1802.

Answer: Titius-Bode’s Law

c. It was eventually discovered that the asteroids were divided into several bands with gaps where their periods would be commensurate with Jupiter’s. What name was given to these gaps in the belt?

Answer: (Daniel) Kirkwood gaps
14. Given the book in which a woman bears a child by a man to whom she is not married, name the child for ten points apiece.

a. Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Answer: Sorrow

b. The Scarlet Letter

Answer: Pearl

c. As I Lay Dying

Answer: Jewel
15. Mythology abounds in examples of heroes slaying monsters and forming the known world from their carcasses. For ten points apiece, given the hero, identify the monster he slays to form the earth.

a. Marduk

Answer: Tiamat [TEE-uh-mat]

b. Odin

Answer: Ymir [EE-meer]

c. Indra

Answer: Vritra
16. Identify the following “personalities” involved in the construction of the Panama Canal for ten points apiece.

a. This man--who already had the Suez Canal to his name--tried, but failed, to build a Central American canal for France. The failure caused a minor depression and a major scandal.

Answer: Ferdinand de Lesseps

b. This fiery volcano on Martinique erupted just in time to suggest that geologically-active Nicaragua was inferior as a canal site to more stable Panama.

Answer: Mount Pelée

c. This American engineer took over the flagging enterprise and pushed it through to completion.

Answer: George Washington Goethals
17. Given each series of battles, identify the war in which they were fought for ten points apiece.

a. Nördlingen, Breitenfeld, White Mountain

Answer: Thirty Years’ War

b. Aegospotami, Delium, Syracuse

Answer: Peloponnesian War

c. Leipzig, Jena-Auerstädt, Trafalgar

Answer: Napoleonic Wars
18. Answer the following questions relating to the philosophy of Descartes for ten points apiece.

a. What name is given to theories, like Descartes, that the mind and the physical world are completely, or almost completely, separate phenomena?

Answer: dualism

b. Name the gland in the brain which was the sole spot in which Descartes thought that the mind and brain could interact.

Answer: pineal gland

c. Descartes’ disciple Geulincx devised a popular theory which explained the apparent mind-brain interaction as a coincidence. FTP, what two-word phrase name this theory?

Answer: “two clocks
19. Identify the following Italian leaders for ten points apiece.

a. After perfecting his guerrilla techniques in South America, this man adopted the “Red Shirts” of the gauchos and led the fight for the reunification of Italy.

Answer: Giuseppe Garibaldi

b. This man was Italy’s delegate to the Treaty of Versailles; he resigned when his claims that Austrian territory be given to Italy were not taken seriously by Wilson, Clemenceau, and Lloyd George.

Answer: Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

c. This fascist and poet’s seizure of Fiume in 1919 inspired Mussolini’s march on Rome three years later.

Answer: Gabriele D’Annunzio
20. Identify the following rivers of the American Southeast for ten points apiece.

a. This river forms the southern half of the Alabama-Georgia border.

Answer: Chattahoochee River

b. Unusual in that it flows south to north, this major river runs through Jacksonville, Florida.

Answer: St. Johns River

c. This river flows through Fayetteville, North Carolina and shares its name with a movie in which a Nick Nolte is stalked by Robert De Niro.

Answer: Cape Fear River

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