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Charles Darwin: Voyaging –Volume 1 of a Biography

Janet Browne. Alfred A. Knopf, 1995.

This scholarly biography gives the reader a view of Darwin as a man and as a scientist of the Victorian era. Read about his childhood and of the voyage on the Beagle where he saw the tropics, felt earthquakes, viewed slavery, and became a real scientist. Learn about his London scientific circle of friends and correspondents who helped him clarify his thinking as he worked on his theory of evolution.
Charles Darwin: Naturalist

Margaret J. Anderson. Enslow Publishers, Inc., 1994.

He traveled for five years as a naturalist on board the Beagle as it mapped the coast of South America and waited more than 20 years to publish Origin of Species, the definitive work on evolution and the diversity of life. This brief biography will help you understand Charles Darwin, the man who wrote the book on evolution.


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