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1. In what way is the modern-day theory of evolution more complete than Darwin's?
2. Discuss how a population of bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics. How does this relate to Darwin's theory of natural selection?
3. Summarize the main components of the evolutionary process. How do these apply to individuals?
4. Hypothesize what the world would be like if significant numbers of dinosaur species had managed to escape extinction.
5. Explain the statement: “Natural selection acts on populations, not individuals.”
6. What criteria must be met in order for an explanation to be considered scientific?

You can evaluate each student's work using the following three-point rubric:

Three points:concise and articulate statement on index card of scientist's contribution(s) to the theory of evolution; clearly written analysis with thesis statement and many examples


Two points:adequate statement on index card; adequately written analysis with thesis statement and some examples


One point:inadequate statement on index card, requiring teacher's or another student's input before posting card to time line; weak written analysis lacking meaningful thesis statement and enough examples


Do not post an ineffective note card—one that will interfere with students' benefiting from the overall time line. Instead, rework the card with the student, or assign the card to another student.

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