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What is Modern Painting?

MOMA 1988

Ref ND 1265 .B36 1988

This 48-page booklet was written for people with little experience in looking at paintings, especially modern works. What is modern painting? It is the human spirit in search of truth, freedom, and perfection reflected in the complexity of modern life. The black-and-white illustrations, mostly from the Museum of Modern Art’s collection, are presented with text to help the novice look at these works of art with greater understanding. (GS)
Barry, Ann Marie Seward

Visual Intelligence: Perception, Image, and Manipulation in Visual Communication

State University of New York

BF 241 .B29 1997

Barry integrates neuropsychological, psychophysical, and cognitive-emotional approaches to the processing of visual information. She argues that this integration is especially important at a time when television and other visual media have become the dominant source of information about the world for most people. She applies her approach to various social problems such as TV violence, advertising, and political manipulation. (R.H. Commack, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)

Barton, Bob

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