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Caroline Feller Bauer’s New Handbook for Storytellers: With Stories, Poems, Magic and More

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Caroline Feller Bauer’s New Handbook for Storytellers: With Stories, Poems, Magic and More

American Library Association

LB 1042 .B39 1993

This book outlines the steps one should take to become a storyteller, including how to begin, how to select stories, how to get an audience, etc. A refresher section is included for the experienced storyteller. (HF)
Becker, Carol

Subversive Imagination: Artists, Society, and Social Responsibility


Fine Arts NX 180 .A77 S83 1994
Berendt, Joachim-Ernst

Jazz Book: From Ragtime to Fusion and Beyond

Chicago Review Press, 1997
Berger, John
About Looking
Knopf Publishing Group

Fine Arts N 71 .B398 1991

About Looking is a collection of 23 essays written by John Berger. Among those that focus on art are essays about the work of photographers August Sander, Donald McCullin, and Paul Strand; of painters Jean-François Millet, Seker Ahmet Pasa, L.S. Lowry, Ralph Fasanella, Georges de La Tour, Francis Bacon, Gustave Courbet, William Turner, Georges Rouault, René Magritte, and Frans Hals; of sculptors Alberto Giacometti, Auguste Rodin, and Romaine Lorquet; and illustrations by members of Holland’s de Stijl movement. Those that fall beyond the genre of art criticism include a discussion about the gaze that defines the relationship between humans and animals; an insightful review of Susan Sontag’s On Photography; an essay about the professionalization of art. The result is a body of work that speaks volumes about art, culture, and human perception.
Berleant, Arnold

Art and Engagement

Temple University Press

BH 39. B3945 1991

This is a philosophical treatise that establishes aesthetics as an independent discipline and examines how art is practiced and experienced. An investigation of how the aesthetic dimension penetrates all of human history and culture, the book notes that the aesthetic dynamic is found not only in the arts but also in nature, literature and in fact, the total environment. It is important background reading for anyone interested in defining and conveying the significance of the aesthetic experience. (HFP)

Beyer, Landon E.

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