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Black Dance from 1619 to Today

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Black Dance from 1619 to Today

Princeton Book Company

GV 1624.7 .A34 E43 1988

This book traces Black dance from the Caribbean through southern plantations, minstrels and music halls to the concert dances of today. Memorable portraits are given of Bill Robinson, Alvin Ailey, Pearl Primus, The Dance Theater of Harlem and many others. (ES)
English, David William

Slipping the Surly Bonds: Great Quotations on Flight

McGraw Hill Professional Publishing, 1998

TL509 .S547 1998

From the exhilarating ‘High Flight’ (the source of this book’s title) to John Glenn’s expressions of wonder in orbit, Slipping the Surly Bonds will carry you into the sky with the greatest airmen and women of all time. You’ll meet dreamers, balloonists, and inventors of airplanes—Da Vinci, Lindbergh, Armstrong, Yeager, and hundreds more. A true labor of love, shining with passion, adventure, and eloquence, this collection of more than 1000 enthralling quotations on flight will leave you breathless—and yearning for wings. Gathered together for the first time, these quotations convey the drama, achievement, and pure thrill of flying. Some touch you with the pathos of doomed heroes and heroines and the brave struggles of storied aviators. Others capture with humor the fun of flight. You’ll find predictions of the future of aviation, air combat experiences, historical anecdotes, wisdom on safety, thoughts by and about women pilots, and much, much more—all lovingly selected to inspire and uplift flyers and non-flyers alike.

Eskelin, Gerald

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