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“Tell Me More”: Listening to Learners Explain

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“Tell Me More”: Listening to Learners Explain

Teachers College

LB 1060 .T46 2001

In this tightly conceptualized and well-crafted book, Duckworth and colleagues make a significant contribution to educational theory, research and practice. They illustrate, with powerful and lively teaching examples, how theory related to the construction of knowledge by students can be implemented in the classroom. The rich and deeply textured examples of teaching and learning reveal how gifted teachers can be astute and perceptive researchers. (from a review by James Banks)
Ebrey, Patricia Buckley


Cambridge University Press 1999

DS 706 .E37 1999

In this book from the Cambridge Illustrated History Series, the author provides a major new political and social history of China spanning 8,000 years. Major elements and changes during four millennia of Chinese history are outlined. Lavish illustrations are combined with a highly authoritative text. This book covers history from the earliest times to the approach of the new millennium. (ES)

Efland, Arthur

Postmodern Art Education: An Approach to Curriculum

National Art Education Association, 1996

N 353 .E34 1996

Chapters include curriculum problems at century's end; art education and postmodernism; postmodern theory; changing conceptions of art, culture, and education; visions of progress in 20th century art education; multicultural art education as it relates to modernism and postmodernism; the character of a postmodern art curriculum; and postmodern concepts in the classroom.

Egan, Kieran

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