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The Arden Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

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The Arden Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd. 1998

PR 2808 .A2 D36 1998

A scholarly text, this edition features same-page commentary notes, an introduction that examines the historic sources and development of the play, and how it was interpreted and treated in subsequent times. Included are illustrations, an index, bibliography, and further reading with extracts from Plutarch’s Lives. This book is a good source of in-depth information for teachers, students and people who work in the theater. (EG)

Danielou, Alain

Myths and Gods of India: Classic Work on Hindu Polytheism

American International Distribution Corp. 1991

BL 1213.32 .D36 1991

This book explores the significance of the most prominent Hindu deities as the Hindus envision them. Hinduism recognizes for each age and country a new form of revelation, and for each person a different path. Photos illustrate facets of the teaching and trace the significance of the Gods of the Vedas. (RL)
Day, Michael

Preparing Teachers of Art

National Art Education Association

N 88.3 .P7 1997
DeBary, William Theodore, ed.

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