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Lewis Carroll: A Biography

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Lewis Carroll: A Biography

Knopf 1996

PR 4612. C588 1996

The author explores the life of Lewis Carroll from the basis of thirty years of scholarship of his subject. He uses Carroll’s voluminous diaries and recently discovered letters. The result is this readable, rich in insight, and well documented biography. (EF)
Collier, Simon, et al.

Tango! The Dance, The Song, The Story

Thames & Hudson

GV 1796 .T3 T34 1997

The story begins with a look at Argentina in the 1500s and the development of the area now known as Buenos Aires. The early dances that eventually evolved into the tango are explored. The narrative follows the dance form as it travels to Europe before World War I, then throughout the world and back home. The tango’s relation to other art forms and its symbolism are discussed. There are over 250 illustrations, a tango “family tree,” a timeline, a bibliography, and an index. (HF)
Cone, James H.

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