Legalize” Must make an activity lawful doesnt allow discretion to prohibit

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Dr. Crenshaw ‘97 Prof of Speech Comm @ Univ. Ala. Carrie-PhD. USC; former director of debate @ Univ. of Ala.; WESTERN JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION; Resisting Whiteness’ Rhetorical Silence; 61(3), Summer; pp. 253-278.

This analysis brings into focus several observations about how whiteness operates rhetorically and ideologically in public political discourse. First, the ideology of white privilege maintains its invisibility through rhetorical silence. Rhetorical silence protects the invisibility of whiteness because it both reflects and sustains the assumption that to be white is the "natural condition," the assumed norm. Rhetorical silence about whiteness preserves material white privilege because it masks its existence and makes the denial of white privilege plausible. Hall argues that language is the principle medium of ideologies because ideologies are sets or chains of meaning which are located in language. However, ideologies also "work" through rhetorical silences which conceal privilege. Ideological systems are made up of both presences and absences because positively marked terms 'signify' "in relation to what is absent, unmarked, the unspoken, the unsayable" (Hall, "Signification" 109). In this case, the ideology of white privilege "works" through rhetorical silence about whiteness.
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spaces -> There are many competing theories of race, gender, class
spaces -> Democrats will keep the Senate now—best statistical models
spaces -> Aff must say what “US” and what “legalize nearly all” means—vote neg
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spaces -> Off our interpretation is that the aff must defend the enactment of a topical plan This does not mandate any
spaces -> Sudbury 8, Professor of Ethnic Studies
spaces -> No veto proof majority for Iran sanctions now but it is within grasp. It’s a top priority for the gop and Obama’s lobbying is empirically critical to prevent it
spaces -> Performance fails if it operates within grid of intelligible
spaces -> By Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan

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