Legal Studies 250 September 20, 2007 Professor Arons

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And Justice For All (Al Pacino):

What kinds of personal and professional strains are placed upon a lawyer by the existence of plea bargaining and by the need to maintain client confidences? Compare the Al Pacino character to Martin Erdmann in BTL 13.3.

5) Inherit the Wind (with Spencer Tracy and Gene Kelly): What do you think the real motive of the Tennessee Legislature was when they passed the state statute prohibiting the teaching of Evolution? Although Scopes and his lawyer, Clarence Darrow, lost the trial, is there some sense in which they were victorious in the general struggle over Darwin and Genesis? What does that tell you about the purposes and effects of using the legal process? Does Darrow’s piece in BTL (section 8.2) help you to understand the political/social dynamics that led to the legislation and the Scopes trial?

Legal Studies 250 Professor Arons Fall 2007

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