Leftwing Communist Jewish Homosexual Pornographers

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WIT12-2004 "Leftwing Communist Jewish Homosexual Pornographers"

UCLA packet by Steve Kaplan, Sharlene Lee, Matthew Sherman, Dwight Wynne.

Additional questions by Paul Lujan, Ray Luo, Charles Meigs, Brendan Shapiro.
01. The narrator of this poem continually applauds the title figure for the title action, noting in the fifth stanza the amount of "lads who wore their honours out." In the first eight lines the narrator recounts two trips along the same road under considerably different moods, evidenced by the different wooden objects the title figure is carried in. Saying that "early though the laurel grows / It withers quicker than a rose," FTP identify this A. E. Housman poem that could have been addressed in modern times to Len Bias and Darryl Kile.

Answer: "To an Athlete Dying Young"

02. A bill on this topic was the first one ever signed into law by Alaskan Territorial Governor John Strong. An amendment regarding it passed in California by a less than four thousand votes. New Jersey allowed it for twenty-one years but began prohibiting it in 1807. Colorado became the first state to pass an amendment to its state constitution allowing it in 1893, while both Utah and Wyoming entered the Union with it as part of their state constitutions. FTP identify this practice which was finally federally mandated with the passage of the 19th amendment.

Answer: female suffrage or women's suffrage (accept equivalents)

03. Its first step proceeds by a random sequential bisubstrate mechanism. An isomerase converts dihydroxyacetone phosphate to glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate, which then undergoes substrate-level phosphorylation as triose phosphate dehydrogenase uses NAD+ to oxidize an aldehyde to a carboxylic acid, then subsequently transfers phosphate groups to ADP. Hexokinase begins this process by phosphorylating glucose. FTP name this set of 5 endergonic and 5 exergonic reactions that yields NADH and ATP by converting a glucose molecule to 2 pyruvates.

Answer: glycolysis; accept glycolicious

04. Chapter 6 is on "the interior beginnings of voluntary motions, commonly called the passions." Its publication was seen by Prince Charles's advisers as an attempt to curry favor with the new regime in England in order to facilitate its author's return from Paris. An influence on Utilitarianism, it reconciled the natural right to self-preservation with God's laws of nature. "Of a Christian Commonwealth" and "Of the Kingdom of Darkness" attacked Presbyterian challenge to sovereign rights. FTP name this treatise of "nasty, brutish, short" men by Thomas Hobbes.

Answer: Leviathan, or the Matter, Form, and Power of a Commonwealth

05. Theorists of this art movement considered their work as a dialectical synthesis between the tectonic, the whole idea or conception of a work, and the fractura--the artistic input generated by the materials themselves during production. This idea of the 'integrity of material' appears most saliently in simple, mechanical works like Lizzitzky's The Story of Two Squares, which shows a pragmatic rejection of Malevich's suprematist abstractions. As shown in Tatlin's proposed Monument to the Third International, this movement's artists sought primarily to find a functional or productive role for the artist in society. FTP name this pragmatic art movement that enjoyed its greatest popularity in the 1920's USSR.

Answer: Constructivism

06. The first of several philosophical concepts threaded throughout this intense and polyvalent novel is the idea of the eternal return--without which, the narrator claims, men like Robespierre and Hitler would have no historical significance. Also present are heavily symbolic vignettes which question the nature of attraction, as with the main character's numerous affairs and demotion to window-washing, the random and powerfully affecting nature of the title concept, and the role of determinism in relationships, as in Sabina and Tereza's respective attitudes towards Tomas. FTP name this 1984 novel about a Czechoslovakian doctor and his relationships, the masterpiece of Milan Kundera.

Answer: The Unbearable Lightness of Being

07. In one theory of this, the equation of state parameter w is equal to -1, implying a density strictly independent of the scale factor, although w can range between 0 and -1 in other theories, known as "quintessence." In all cases, however, this implies that the pressure exerted is negative, causing the universe to feel an accelerating force, rather than deceleration caused by normal matter and energy. FTP what is this cosmological mystery, once called his "greatest mistake" by Einstein?

Answer: dark energy or cosmological constant (prompt on early "quintessence")

08. On July 16, insurgents attacked the home of inspector-general Nevelle, forcing him to retreat. The president then called out the militia from four states. Despite Governor Mifflin's hesitance to fight the insurgence, the militia volunteered in great numbers, including many members of the Society of Friends. General Lee, governor of Virginia was appointed chief command. This is the story of the formation of a force to put down, FTP which rebellion of farmers in Western Pennsylvania.

Answer: Whiskey Rebellion

09. When Joe DiMaggio hit in 56 straight games in 1941, he broke this man's American League record of 41 games set in 1922, the year he won the AL MVP award and had a career best .420 batting average. Ty Cobb once called him the closest thing to a perfect player, but he was virtually unknown until 2004 when his major league record, which he achieved while playing every inning of all 154 games in the 1920 season, was broken. FTP name this St. Louis Brown whose record of 257 hits in a season was broken by Ichiro.

Answer: George "the Sizzler" Sisler

10. He dispatches asparas to entice ascetic men, and is joined by his dog Sarma. According to the Puranas, he overconsumes soma and indulges in appetites. He carries a spear, arrows, a net of illusions, and a hook for trapping enemies, and once defeated the Asuras and killed Vritra. Riding on Airavata the celestrial elephant, FTP name this Vegic god of battle and rain who carries a thunderbolt.

Answer: Indra

11. Alfred de Vigny's dying wolf remarks that only IT is strong, all the rest is but lies. Matthew Arnold calls it the best form of expression. In an Ingmar Bergman film of the same name, the last of a trilogy, it represents the emotional distance between two sisters. Although people agree only in its merit in others, Algernon Swinburne believes that it is the most noble virtue to the end. Also the name of a novel by Endo Shusako, FTP identify this quality in which Ludwig Wittgenstein suggests we should pass over about what we cannot speak.

Answer: silence; accept equivalents

12. It can occur as topicalization in sign language. No element from a subject phrase or a coordinate structure or any island can be applied. NP and PP-preposing are not as common in English, but there-support and do-support are necessary for existential sentences and verbal yes-no questions. Dative-movement removes a preposition and wh-movement always requires an inversion, except for "who." Subject-auxiliary inversion moves the inflection in front of the noun phrase, while passivization exchanges the subject and object. FTP name this syntatic process that converts a deep structure into a surface structure.

Answer: tranformation

13. His two most well-known biographers are Notker the Stammerer, also known as the Monk of St. Gall, and Einhard; the latter writes of his patience with his brother Carloman while the latter was ruler of Austrasia, until Carloman died three years after the 768 death of his father, Pepin the Short, making him sole ruler. He conquered Saxony in the 8th century, and in 800, he was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo II. FTP who is this greatest leader of the Frankish empire?

Answer: Charlemagne

14. The largest city on this island was founded on the ruins of a Muslim settlement. Attractions include Pagsanjan Falls, where part of Apocalyse Now was filmed, the Bamboo Organ, and Luneta Park, which contains a memorial commemorating the execution of the country's largest philosophical figure. In addition to more common forms of transportation, this island’s inhabitants also travel by jeepney, a jeep-like vehicle lavishly decorated by its owner. FTP identify this largest island of the Philippines.

Answer: Luzon (prompt on Philippines or on Manila before "Organ")

15. This play based on the letters of Denis de Rougemont features an ultimately incorrect example of syllogism concerning cats and paws, a funeral procession for a dead cat, and an argument between two guys named Jean. The main character claims that he can only identify himself when drunk, and worries that the pretty typist he has a crush on would rather date Dudard. Although the typist does indeed love Berenger and not Dudard, she leaves Berenger to become the title animal after Berenger calls her stupid. FTP identify this Eugene Ionesco play which sees people turn into large horned animals.

Answer: Rhinoceros

16. Although this Italian-born missionary died around 258 A.D., he was first mentioned in the 6th century by Saint Gregory of Tours. Working on an island in a river near the city of Lutetia Parisorium, he was eventually captured along with Rusticus and Eleutherius. Often pictured as he was martyred--headless, with a vine growing over the neck, and carrying his own head, his tomb grew into a famous abbey near the Seine. FTP name this saint whose feast day is October 9, the first bishop of Paris and patron saint of France, often known as the Apostle of France.

Answer: Saint Denis (DE-NEE) or Dionysius

17. Ken Jennings favorite movie of 1973 was this film whose exact budget was $777,777.77. Much of its cast would go on to become sitcom stars, playing characters like Chrissy Snow, Shirley Feeney, and Richie Cunningham. It also had George Lucas and Harrison Ford working together before Star Wars, as Lucas directed and Ford palyed Bob Falfa, the guy looking for a car race. FTP name this movie known for its rock 'n roll soundtrack which asked "Where were you in '62?"

Answer: American Graffiti

18. This son of an architect developed the first cold cream for makeup removal, but his knowledge was derived mostly from animal rather than human dissection. As a physiologist, he made many mistakes, such as incorrectly assuming that the rete mirabile, a plexus of blood vessels at the base of the brain of ungulate animals, was also present in humans. After this medical writer died serious anatomical and physiological research ground to a halt for 1500 years. FTP name this court physician to Marcus Aurelius from Pergamon.

Answer: Galen

19. The Marchioness and the Bowbelle collide on the Thames, killing 51. Andreas Papandreou resigns as Prime Minister of Greece. Salvador Dali dies at age 84. Vaclav Havel is elected president of Czechoslovakia. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to the Dalai Lama. Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu are executed in Romania. FTP all these events happened in what year that also saw the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Answer: 1989

20. Since hyperconjugation prefers secondary and tertiary carbocations to primary ones, protonation should occur on the less substituted carbon, making the more substituted carbon the carbocation. Observed when the halogen attaches to the internal carbon of propene during hydrohalogenation, it explains regioselectivity of electrophilic addition to unsymmetric alkenes. Essentially the reverse of Saytzev rule, it states that a proton will attach to the carbon in a double bond with the most hydrogen substituents. FTP identify this rule named for a Russian organic chemist.

Answer: Markovnikov rule

21. He first came into existence near the end of October, 1939, at the Jerry Glovsky's apartment. The product of Bernard Kornblum's training, one character's fascination with Houdini, and Sheldon Anapol's desire to emulate the first Superman comics. The initial issues see him battling the forces of Nazism, and their success leads to a spin-off radio show starring Tracy Bacon. Eventually he branches out into real life anti-fascist combat, when Joe Kavalier assaults Carl Elbing, head of the American Aryan League. FTP name this trap-breaking comic book hero at the center of Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, whose name also denotes someone who likes to get away from things.

Answer: The Escapist

01. Answer the following about hemoglobin. FTPE.

(10) This is the decrease in oxygen binding affinity at low pH and high CO_2 concentration caused by incrased pKa at the protonated HC3 histidine in the tense state, named after the father of a Danish physicist.

Answer: Bohr effect

(10) To counter the effect of increased pressure at high altitude, the concentration of this compound in the blood is raised so that its negatively charged groups can bind to the cavity between beta subunits of hemoglobin to decrease oxygen binding.

Answer: 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate (BPG)

(10) In the fetus, these subunits are produced instead of beta subunits because their tetramer with alpha subunits has much lower affinity for BPG, and higher affinity for oxygen.

Answer: gamma subunits
02. Identify these British anthropologists. FTPE.

(10) His journey with Henry Christy resulted in Anahuac, or Mexico and the Mexicans. His progressive theory of social development, inspired by evolution, was outlined in Primitive Culture, in which he also identified early religious belief as animism.

Answer: Edward Burnett Tylor

(10) A follower of Durkheim, he saw organizations as arrangements of activities and society as arrangements of persons, teaching at Cape Town, Sydney, and Chicago. He wrote on The Andaman Islanders and The Social Organisation of Australian Tribes.

Answer: Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown

(10) He wrote the introduction to his student Jomo Kenyatta's Facing Mount Kenya. This Polish-born anthropologist also spent some time at the Trobriand islands and wrote Coral Gardens and Their Magic and Argonauts of the Western Pacific.

Answer: Bronislaw Malinowski
03. Name the following pieces of British legislation. FTPE.

(10) This legislative title dates back to the 12th century, but was most controversial when it severely restricted wheat imports in the early 1800s.

Answer: Corn Laws

(10) This 1832 act took representation away from 56 rotten boroughs and redefined voting qualifications in the counties.

Answer: Reform Act of 1832

(10) This 1673 act barred Catholics and dissenters from holding administrative positions, thereby angering the future King James II.

Answer: Test Act
04. Answer the following about the history of particle detectors. FTPE.

(10) This invention of Donald Glaser won him the 1960 Nobel Prize in Physics. In it, passage of an ionizing particle through a superheated liquid causes it to boil, allowing the track to be viewed.

Answer: bubble chamber

(10) Many general-purpose detectors today are of this type, where electric fields are set up inside a gas. An applied electric field causes electrons knocked off by ionizing radiation to move towards an anode, where they are measured.

Answer: drift or multiwire or proportional chamber

(10) High-resolution detectors use strips or pixels of this semiconductor, again with a voltage applied to measure electrons. Digital camers operate on a similar principle.

Answer: silicon
05. Identify these stories from James Joyce's Dubliners from descriptions. FTPE.

(10) This story centers around a nameless narrator and his friend Mahony, who sneak away from school for a day in the hopes of emulating the wild west stories they love and instead find themselves confronted by a pedophile.

Answer: An Encounter

(10) The most scathing portrayal of Irish fatherhood in the collection, this story describes the unsuccessful copyist Mr. Farrington as he takes abuse at the hands of his boss Mr. Alleyne, pawns his watch, wastes all his remaining income on booze, and impotently beats his son Tom out of frustration.

Answer: Counterparts

(10) Playing on the idea of Dublin and family as constraining forces, this story depicts Little Chandler, a banker with forgotten literary ambitions who reflects bitterly on his own when confronted with the success of his friend Ignatius Gallaher.

Answer: A Little Cloud
06. Composers from wives, or from compositions. 10-5.

(10) His wife Alice inspired many of his best melodies and is lovingly memorialized in his most famous piece as C. A. E.

(5) That famous composition was Variations on an Original Theme, known to all except Alice as Enigma.

Answer: Sir Edward Elgar

(10) His wife Alma was an "illegitimate lover" of the architect Walter Gropius.

(5) His domestic despair became the Ninth Symphony and his crowning achievement became the Eighth Symphony of a Thousand.

Answer: Gustave Mahler

(10) He married the sister of his teacher, Alexander Zemlinsky.

(5) She was not capable of protecting Romanticism from his assault via Pierrot Lunaire and Moses und Aron.

Answer: Arnold Schoenberg

07. Identify these political opponents of Woodrow Wilson. FTPE.

(10) This New Yorker ran against Wilson for president in 1916, he lost after resigning his seat on the Supreme Court.

Answer: Charles Evans Hughes

(10) This leading senate isolationist from Idaho led the effort to defeat the Treaty of Versailles and keep the US out of the League of Nations.

Answer: William Borah

(10) This Massachusetts Senator, along with Borah, opposed Wilson’s post war foreign policy. He was also the first Harvard student to receive a Ph.D. in Political Science.

Answer: Henry Cabot Lodge (do not accept Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.)
08. Given a boolean formula phi in conjunctive normal form, is there an assignment of truth values to variables in phi that makes phi true? FTPE.

(10) Name this problem in computational complexity.

Answer: satisfiability problem

(10) This theorem, named for an American mathematician, sometimes with a Russian name attached as well, states that SAT is NP-complete.

Answer: Cook-Levin theorem

(10) The related "true quantified boolean formula" problem falls not into NP-complete, but this class of problems that, waving my hands as I say this, is just barely easier than exponential time problems.

Answer: PSPACE-complete
09. Identify the following characters from Kate Chopin's The Awakening. FTPE.

(10) She is the heroine of the story, the wife of a Creole who falls in love with a boy. In the end, even the boy's love can't stop her from killing herself because society will not let her have her way.

Answer: Edna Pontellier

(10) He is the boy Edna falls in love with. He goes to Mexico to avoid her, but can't help wandering back. Finally, he writes a note saying good-bye to her forever.

Answer: Robert Lebrun

(10) He is other man who is involved in a relationship with Edna. He is notorious at the club for seducing married woman. Edna doesn't really love him though.

Answer: Alcee Arobin
10. Name these members of the 18th century Literary Club. FTPE.

(10) This longtime president of the Literary Club is best known for his Dictionary of the English Language. Other works include the Rambler essays and Lives of the English Poets.

Answer: Samuel Johnson

(10) This other member of the club is best known for being Johnson’s biographer.

Answer: James Boswell

(10) This author of The Vicar of Wakefield also attended club meetings.

Answer: Oliver Goldsmith
11. Identify these battles fought by those big softies, the Spartans. FTPE.

(10) In this 480 BCE battle, Leonidas' fantastically outnumbered force heroically held out against the invading Persians in a narrow mountain pass until they were betrayed and slaughtered.

Answer: Thermopylae

(10) The Spartans under Lysander destroyed the Athenian navy in this 405 BCE battle which led directly to Athens' surrender in the Peloponnesian War.

Answer: Aegospotami

(10) This 371 BCE defeat of Sparta by the Thebans under Epaminondas marked the decline of Sparta as the main power in Greece.

Answer: Leuctra
12. Answer the following about brewing beer. FTPE.

(10) In this process, barley seeds are allowed to germinate until hydrolytic enzymes required to break down polysaccharides are produced, forming the namesake mixture.

Answer: malting

(10) This is the nutrient medium that results from malting polysaccharides into simple sugars, which is boiled with hops, then added to yeast cells.

Answer: wort

(10) When all oxygen in the vat is used up, yeast converts sugars into ethanol and CO_2 in this process, after which enzymes are added to control the amount of head.

Answer: fermentation
13. Answer these questions about authors who died in 2004. FTPE.

(10) She went "gone with the wind" on January 10, thirteen years after her famous 1991 sequel was published.

Answer: Alexandra Ripley (nee Braid); accept either

(10) Frances Partridge, who died on February 5, was the last surviving member of this literary group that included Lytton Strachey.

Answer: Bloomsbury Group

(10) This partner of Robert E. Lee, the playwright not the general, "inherited the wind" on leap day, February 29.

Answer: Jerome Lawrence (Schwartz); accept either
14. FFPE identify which two of Henry VIII's wives?

(10) Were beheaded?

Answer: Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard

(10) Outlived him?

Answer: Anne of Cleves, Catherine Parr

(10) Gave birth to a future Queen of England?

Answer: Catherine of Aragon (birthed Mary I), Anne Boleyn (birthed Elizabeth I)
15. Answer these questions about the conflict that will define the 21st century: the seemingly unresolvable Hilary Duff-Lindsay Lohan feud. FTPE.

(10) The main impetus for the conflict was the fact that Duff and Lohan both dated this marginally famous sibling of a Backstreet boy.

Answer: Aaron Carter

(10) A nasty situation happened at the premiere of this remake, in which Duff starred with Steve Martin, after Duff showed up with Carter and Lohan had the nerve to show up to the afterparty.

Answer: Cheaper by the Dozen

(10) Duff also claims that the hateful Lohan was jealous over this actor, a former co-star of Lohan in Freaky Friday, who was Duff's romantic foil in A Cinderella Story. He can also be seen on the WB series One Tree Hill.

Answer: "The" Chad Michael Murray
16. Name the medieval Japanese Buddhist sect. FTPE.

(10) Founded by Honen (HOE-NEN) during the Kamakura period, this sect emphasized the repetition of nenbutsu, the recitation of the name of Amida as an exclusive Buddhist practice.

Answer: Jodo or Pure Land (do not accept Jodo Shinshu or New Pure Land)

(10) Founded by Eisai (EYE-SAI) during the Kamakura period, this sect, associated with the ruling class, emphasized sudden enlightenment triggered by accidental circumstance but is best known for its use of koans as an attack on the mind.

Answer: Rinsai (prompt on Zen)

(10) Founded by Saicho, also known as Dengyo Daishi, during the Heian period, this Mt. Hiei-based sect emphasized the Lotus Sutra, proper ordination for monks, and buddhahood for all humans.

Answer: Tendai
17. Identify the following about a recent protest at a construction site for a Bodega Aurrera store. FTSNOP.

(10) The construction area is located in this archaeological site outside Mexico City, whose name translates as "The Place Where Men Became Gods."

Answer: Teotihuacan

(5) Bodega Aurrera is owned by this Arkansas-based world’s largest retailer.

Answer: Wal-Mart

(5 or 15) 5 for one, 15 for both, identify the large pyramid from which the construction site is visible and the major archaeological find unearthed in what would be the store's parking lot.

Answer: Pyramid of the Sun and pre-Hispanic altar (accept equivalents)
18. Name these terms from Hare Krishna. FTPE.

(10) With its two stripes signifying the lotus feet of Krishna and the leaf in the center representing holy basil, this is the mark that appears on the foreheads of all followers of Hare Krishna.

Answer: Tilaka mark

(10) Single male monks wear these saffron colored robes to signify celibacy while married monks wear white ones.

Answer: dhotis

(10) Liberation from samsara is attained through this, the congregational singing of God's names, which leads to Krishna Consciousness.

Answer: sankirtana
19. Name the artist given their album that was number one on the Billboard 200 in 2004. FTPE.

(10) American Idiot.

Answer: Green Day

(10) Autobiography.

Answer: Ashlee (Nicole) Simpson

(10) Suit.

Answer: Nelly (or Cornell Haynes, Jr.)
20. Name these Hawaiian gods. FTPE.

(10) Responsible for the southern Pacific Ocean, this son of Kane was the god of seamen and lord of fishermen.

Answer: Kanaloa

(10) Lord of the sun and of wisdom, this god of mediine, also a son of Kane, caused the earth of grow green in order to keep herbs and medicinal plants flourishing.

Answer: Lono

(10) This daughter of Kane was the goddess of hula.

Answer: Laka
21. Answer the following about the Ansari X Prize, a $10 million prize to be awarded to the first private group to achieve spaceflight in a reusable craft twice in a two-week period.

(10) This spaceplane is the leader to attain the prize, having already made a successful flight on September 29, 2004. (Writer’s note: The 2nd flight is scheduled to take place October 4, so it may have already won by the time of WIT.)

Answer: SpaceShipOne

(10) This Microsoft cofounder is the principal financial backer of SpaceShipOne.

Answer: Paul Allen

(10) This Canadian team is considered to be the second-place team in the contest with its balloon-launched rocket-powered craft, Wild Fire.

Answer: The da Vinci Project (full official title: The Golden Palace.com Space Program Powered by the da Vinci Project)

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