Lecture 9: Programs: Network, Syndicated, Local Learning objectives

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Local Radio Programs
Local radio music shows are the cheapest possible broadcast shows – all recorded music and a low-paid (for the most part) DJ. But since the music in similarly-formatted stations is the same, it is often the DJs that attract the listeners within a certain interest and demographic. Virtually all radio stations are formatted in one of the following formats (with a few other terms thrown in for good measure).
music formats playlists

adult contemporary contemporary hit radio

classic rock oldies

urban contemporary alternative

rap/hip-hop country music

religious/gospel variety

full-service beautiful music

easy-listening classical music

information formats talk

World Wide Web Programming
With the porn industry leading the way, more and more programming is being produced for the web as streaming audio and video. However, there is plenty of mainline material being produced, including movie trailers and online concerts. Though still in development, it is possible for information and entertainment sources to distribute far more content than they could in any traditional form, and to allow consumers to pick their own interests. Following are some familiar terms.
Internet World Wide Web

bandwidth bottleneck interactivity

Program Critique
Don't worry about this too much – much of it we discussed in other contexts – especially in the section on effects of the mass media.

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