Lecture 9: Programs: Network, Syndicated, Local Learning objectives

Radio Network and Syndicated Programs

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Radio Network and Syndicated Programs
Radio networks were once full-service programmers, but now distribute mainly news, talk shows, and sports. However, music networks have reappeared – Westwood One and Unistar each has more than 1000 affiliates. Following are a number of terms or personalities with which to become acquainted.
RADAR Paul Harvey

talk shows Rush Limbaugh

Larry King Casey Casem

Locally Produced TV Programs
Local TV stations make as much as half of their entire revenue from advertising sold during the local news. Major stations spend many millions of dollars annually to maintain the news department with personnel and technology – some have two hours of newscast every evening. Network affiliates schedule news early in the morning, at noon, in the evening, and at 11:00 PM. Independent stations schedule their most popular shows against those newscasts, and typically have a newscast at 10:00 PM. A number of cable companies in very large markets have very successful regional news services. Following are some related terms.

ENG, SNG backhaul

stringers camcorders

family centered news updates

local origination public access

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