Lecture 9: Programs: Network, Syndicated, Local Learning objectives

Network TV News and Public Affairs Programs

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Network TV News and Public Affairs Programs
The once-strict separation of news and entertainment programming has been steadily eroding for a number of years, blurring the line between information and show business, and lowering the quality and credibility of news, in general. However, the majority of people get their news from TV rather than other sources like newspapers. As in every area, network newscasts, once dominant, are now facing competition from cable and the web.
Aside from news, there are a number of information channels such as the Weather Channel and Court TV. Public Affairs programming includes shows such as 60 Minutes and 48 Hours, as well as coverage of public events, speeches, and political discussion. Following are some related terms and topics.

CNN CNN Headline News

public affairs documentaries

60 Minutes Meet the Press

Face the Nation C-SPAN

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