Lecture #17 The Mau Mau Emergency

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Lecture #17 - The Mau Mau Emergency

  1. Introduction - History as Metaphor

  1. A Background to “Nationalism” in Kenya

    1. Settlers - Large-scale and Small-scale

    2. Land alienation

      1. Creation of “squatters”

      2. Subsistence farmers

      3. “Progressive Africans”

  1. Increased Tensions within Kenyan Society

    1. The Second Colonial Occupation and “Black/White” Conflict

      1. Africans and cash crops

      2. Settler protection laws - Defence (Control of Maize) Regulations

    2. Squatters and their return to the Reserves

    3. Anger towards Europeans and colonial “collaborators”

  1. Background to Mau Mau Discontent

    1. Kikuyu movement

    2. Divisions within Kikuyu society

      1. “Loyalists”

      2. Kikuyu “progressives”

      3. Small-scale land owners

      4. Dispossessed

    3. The beginning of mass oathing

  1. The Mau Mau Emergency

    1. Mau Mau as a three month war

    2. Colonial representations of Mau Mau

    3. Mau Mau’s civilian war - detention and villagization

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