Lecture 11: History Writing in the 1960s and 1970s and the ‘linguistic turn’

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‘reality effect’¿Tæ†ÒË, serif"> – there is no such thing as an objective discourse! History draws its truth from the careful attention to narration’.

¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">Equating of History-writing with fiction-writing raises serious concerns amongst critics that postmodernism sidles the issue of ‘truth’ altogether from the profession.

¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">Hayden White
¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">The person who realy gets into the thick of the debate whether history is fiction is the Amercian Hayden White. He goes right into the reality effect.
¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">(slide)
¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">He is most famous for his work Metahistory: The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Europe¿Tæ†ÒË, serif"> ¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">(1973)¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">. ¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">

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