Lecture 11: History Writing in the 1960s and 1970s and the ‘linguistic turn’

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The Second quality¿Tæ†ÒË, serif"> of a text is its ¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">intertextuality¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">,¿Tæ†ÒË, serif"> the fact that is borrowing from previous texts, historical antecedents. Nothing is actually original in a text. No text is in itself completely original in its combination of signs, discourses, and structure.

¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">Intertextual borrowings.
¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">Third quality¿Tæ†ÒË, serif"> of any text is ¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">narrative

¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">Novels, non-fiction, fiction. Division is a 19¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">th¿Tæ†ÒË, serif"> century division. Narratives are anavoidable by-products of writing. They put signs in in order.

¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">

¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">Metanarrative: a grand or master narrative is a story that shapes other stories.

¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">Applied particularly to ‘narratives’ of the enlightenment (progress; power of reason,
¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">Postmodernists aim at destroying and never letting new metanarrative appear.. but did they succeed? Think about the new metanarrative of the global for example?
¿Tæ†ÒË, serif">

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