Lecture 11: History Writing in the 1960s and 1970s and the ‘linguistic turn’

Poststructuralism filled this gap

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Poststructuralism filled this gap. It was born simultaneously as social movements and as theory. – one should never forget this origin which was deeply radical --- poststructuralist will loose that in the 1990 particularly on American campuses, this immediacy, this takings to the street…

There were five main movements involved.

  1. student rebellion, see n by many as the a poth eo si s of the rise of youth in western culture after 1945 .

  2. The second was second-wave fe minism (or the wome n's liberation movement) as it emerged very suddenly in 1 9 6 9-70, giving rise to struggles for equal opportunities in work , pay, education, and for an end to discrimination in language and dep ic tion .

  3. The third was the emergence of gay liberation in the late 1960s, heralded by liberalisation of laws on homosexuality .

  4. Fourth was the collapse of many European empires in the 1960s an d 1970s (those of Britain , Portugal, France, Belgium a nd Holland), making way for European aware ne s s of the structures of Orientalism an d race prejudice embedded in western white cu lture and intellectual though

  5. the rise of black consciousness with in the United States and western Europe, allied to liberation movements in d eveloping nations and to the a anti-apartheid movement in S out h Africa, in all of which race discrimination and racial stereotyping

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