Learn to Discern

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Learn to Discern

A Series of Lessons on Biblical Discernment

There is no god. There are many gods. There is only one living and true God. The Bible is true. The Bible is full of myths. The Bible is irrelevant. Morality is a matter of opinion. If it feels good, do it. Do the right thing. It’s OK if you don’t get caught.
Every day we encounter ideas like those above. Some of these ideas are acceptable, and some are not. How can we know which is which?
The goal of this series of lessons is to help the student develop the ability to discern between acceptable and unacceptable ideas. In Lessons One through Seven, we’ll define the biblical idea of discernment, see why it’s so important, and find out how to be discerning. In Lessons Eight through Twelve, we’ll apply what we’ve learned to various areas in which we need to be discerning, such as TV, music, and media.
Copyright 2006 by Brad Anderson.
A Call to Discernment by Jay Adams (Harvest House, 1987)

Reckless Faith by John MacArthur (Crossway, 1994)

Learn to Discern by Robert G. DeMoss, Jr. (Zondervan, 1992)

All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes by Kenneth Myers (Crossway, 1989)

Download 379.5 Kb.

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