League of Nations ineffective in maintaining peace? What was the Little Entente

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The Soviet Union, 758-761

    1. What economic issues did Russia have during the civil war and immediately after it? Why did “war communism” fail?

    1. What were the major components of the NEP and how did the NEP represent a compromise with capitalism? Oh, and what does NEP stand for?

    1. Why was the Politburo divided at Lenin’s death?

    1. What were the differences between Leon Trotsky and Josef Stalin? Include the ideas of the Left and Right.

    1. Why did Stalin, and not Trotsky, emerge as Lenin’s successor? What did Stalin do with Trotsky?

    1. What was the underlying assumption of Stalin's First Five-Year Plan?  What were the specific parts of the plan that dealt with industry?   With agriculture?

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