League of Nations ineffective in maintaining peace? What was the Little Entente

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Hermann Görring:

Ernst Rohm

    1. What was the SA?

    1. Define the Enabling Act.

    1. Explain the ways the Nazis created a totalitarian state.

    1. Who was Heinrich Himmler and how did he utilize the SS?

    1. What role did each of the following play in the Holocaust: the Nuremburg Laws, and Kristallnacht?

    1. How did the Nazi state impact women?

    1. From the article supposedly penned by Mussolini (750), what principles of Italian fascism obviously found their way into the ideology of German Nazism? What was there about fascism that posed threats to internal minorities and to world peace?

    1. Combining Hitler's public comments and an observer's description of a Nazi rally (pg 756), why do you think such mass meetings were so successful? On what human emotions and needs did they play, and why did they lead to such mass support for Hitler's causes?

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