League of Nations ineffective in maintaining peace? What was the Little Entente

Retreat from Democracy: The Authoritarian and Totalitarian States, 746-750

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Retreat from Democracy: The Authoritarian and Totalitarian States, 746-750

    1. What were "total states" and how did they win the hearts and minds of their people? In what way did they differ from the old dictatorship/autocracies?

Fascist Italy

    1. What problems did Italy face following WWI?

    1. Who was Mussolini?

    1. What was the fascist philosophy?

    1. Explain Mussolini’s rise to power.

    1. Describe life in Fascist Italy?

    1. How did Young Fascists indoctrinate children?

    1. What was the role of women supposed to be in the fascist state?

    1. What were the Lateran Accords?


    1. What were the economic issues the Weimar Republic faced during the 1920s?

    1. Where does the word "Nazi" come from?

    1. Describe the rise of the Nazi Party and its philosophy.

    1. What was the "Beer Hall Putsch"?

    1. Define Lebensraum.

    1. Analyze Hitler's reaction to seeing the Jew in Vienna. What do his words reveal about his personality (pg 572)? Why do you think this one event left such an impression on him?

    1. What were the results of the 1930 election for the Nazis? What about 1932? What accounted for the change in support?

    1. What role did Paul von Hindenburg play in Hitler's rise to power?

    1. Describe the important figures in the rise of Nazism in Germany (besides Hitler):

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