League of Nations ineffective in maintaining peace? What was the Little Entente

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Chapter 26: The Futile Search for Stability: Europe between the Wars, 1919-1939

Uncertain Peace and the Democratic States, 740-746

  1. Why was the League of Nations ineffective in maintaining peace?

  1. What was the Little Entente?

  1. Explain the French Policy of coercion in regards to:


Ruhr Valley Occupation and German Hyperinflation

  1. Why did inflation create problems for the newly created Weimar Republic?

  1. What was the Dawes Plan?

  1. Identify the various methods [treaties, negotiations, agreements, etc…] used by the European powers and the United States to establish and maintain peace and military disarmament during the 1920s. Why might some of those methods be considered politically naïve?

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